Appointed as Google Trusted Verifier

We are delighted to announce that the See Inside Dingle parent business, Contemporary Photography, has now been appointed as a Google Trusted Verifier.

Google Street View Trusted




You should make it easy for people to find you with a properly optimised Google Business listing.

We can help make your listing show up when people are searching for your business, or businesses like yours, on Google Search or Google Maps.

Google My Business makes it easy to create and update your listing—so you can be easily found, and bring customers in.

Your Google My Business listing affects hoe your business will show up on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, and smartphones across all operating systems.

Our Google Trusted Verifier status allows us to provide you with a service that includes the ability to verify a Google My Business page and Google+ page instantly on site.

So now there is no need to wait for weeks for a postcard to arrive in order to get your business listing verified on Google.

Ensuring that all the important information about your business is correct and consistently presented will improve your appearance on Google Search.

Contact Contemporary Photography for further information.

If you require help with other SEO matters please visit Irish Web Design

Google Step Inside






Window and door stickers are available to alert shoppers to the fact that your business has a 360° virtual tour available for viewing on the Google Street View App.

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